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Austin County Jail Museum

Austin County Jail Museum
36 South Bell Street
Bellville, Texas  77418

Hours open: Saturdays 11:00 a.m - 3:00 p.m.


The Austin County Jail Museum is a local visitor attraction open Saturdays and manned by volunteers.  If you are interested in hosting tours at the Jail Museum one Saturday per month, please contact Becky Larson at 979-877-8814.  You will be given an orientation to begin.  This historical county landmark in Austin County is a visitor’s treasure.  The exhibits are fun and educational and your time will be a gift to you and to our county.  For more information contact Becky Larson at 979-877-8814 or Don Allphine at 713-385-7141.


2020 Austin County Jail Museum Board Members: President - Bruce Noviskie Board Members - Becky Larson, Charles Holmes, Vance Cooper, Joan Buenger, Milton Beckendorff, Maurine Brack and Treasurer - Donna Jacob