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County Court at Law
County Court at Law Judge Danel W. Leedy

Daniel W. Leedy
Austin County Court At Law Judge
265 N. Chesley Street, Suite 3
Bellville, Texas 77418
979-865-8350 Fax
Court Reporter
Janell Roye

Court Coordinator
Maria N. Guerrero
Mike Kubricht

Daniel Stavinoha
Associate Judge
IV-D Court
Karen Chalfant
Administrative Assistant for Judge Stavinoha

Annual Guardianship Report and Order Form

CPS Compensation Form

Attorneys Available for Ad Litem Appointments

County Court at Law of Austin County was established January 1, 1986
by § 25.0101 of the Texas Government Code and has jurisdiction over:

• Family Law cases[1] (filed with the District Clerk, Sue Murphy)[2]

• All others cases (filed with the County Clerk, Carrie Gregor)[3]:

Civil cases exceeding $500.00 but not exceeding $200,000.00[4] 

Eminent Domain cases[5] 
Juvenile Justice Code cases[6]
  Mental Health[7] and Chemical Dependency[8] cases
Misdemeanor Criminal cases[9]
  Probate Code cases[10]
  Appeals from the Justice Courts[11] and Municipal Courts[12] of Austin County
  Appeals from Administrative Hearings suspending a driver’s license[13]
  Appeals of rulings from the Workers’ Compensation Division of the Texas Department of Insurance[14]