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District Attorney – Austin County, TX
Travis J. Koehn
Austin County District Attorney
District Attorney Travis J. Koehn

265 N. Chesley, Suite 5
Bellville, TX 77418
Phone: 979-865-5933
Fax: 979-865-5828
  • State Bar of Texas (1978)
  • South Texas College of Law, J.D. (1978)
  • Texas A&M University (1974)

A Message to the Citizens of Austin County:

Welcome to the Austin County District Attorney's website. Since
1988, I have had the distinct privilege of serving as the District Attorney for
Austin County. In this role, I am privileged to act as the county’s chief law
enforcement officer, endowed with the responsibility of seeking justice for
its citizens. In addition, I am also charged with protecting the rights of our
society and its individuals. To that end, I am extremely proud of the attorneys
and support personnel who have been brought together to carry out what are
oftentimes broad and complex missions.

I am honored each and every day to represent the citizens of Austin
County. I am confident that this office will continue to carry out its mission
of seeking the highest level of security and justice with the respect and
enthusiasm that the residents of this county deserve.
Should you have any specific questions or concerns, please don’t
hesitate to contact me, as I am here to serve you.


Travis J. Koehn
Assistant District Attorneys

Brandy Robinson
  • State Bar of Texas (2005)
  • Baylor University School of Law, J.D. (2005)
  • Texas State University (2002)

Jesse Skinner

  • State Bar of Texas (2009)
  • University of Houston Law School, J.D. (2007)
  • University of Texas (1997)
  • Baylor University (1994)

Benjamin Nystrom
  • State Bar of Texas (2016)  
  • Texas A&M School of Law, J.D. (2016)
  • University of North Texas (2013)

Legal Assistants

Lisa Tobola

Sylvia Herrera

Maribel Cruz