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The mission of the Austin County Historical Commission is to protect and preserve the county’s historic and prehistoric resources for the use, education, enjoyment and economic benefit of present and future generations.

   County historical commissions are authorized by the Texas Legislature for the purpose of "initiating and conducting programs for the preservation of the historical heritage of the county."  Appointed by the Commissioners’ Court for 2-year terms, the members of the commission operate under their own by-laws, but in close association with the Texas Historical Commission in Austin. 
   The Austin County Historical Commission meets regularly, six times a year, but the work of its members is continuous.  These interesting and educational meetings are open to the public and those interested are encouraged to attend. A project of ACHC in 1993 was replacing and erecting new School Markers in Austin County. Its most recent publications was Official Texas Historical Markers in Austin County.
    A former project The Cemeteries of Austin County has been updated and the information can now be accessed online at http://www.txgenweb2.org/txaustin/ . Other publications by the ACHC are Education in Austin County, Volume I and Dance Halls of Austin County. Currently work is progressing on another edition of the school book church histories and cotton gins.

2014-2015 Austin County Historical Commission

Joy Neely, Verena Aeschbacher, Tom Bourbon, Becky Larson, Don Allphin
Cat Spring
: James Hering, Debbie Reichardt
New Ulm
Kenneth Blezinger   
New Wehdem
Bill Hardt
San Felipe: Florence Sims, Juanita Perry
Sealy:  Bea Chalupa, Grace Holtkamp, Ben Hosak, Ruth Mercier,  Carolyn Scott, Peggy Spradley, Carolyn Zaskoda

Industry: Joan Buenger, Sharon Spiess

Committee Information

Historic Appreciation Committee - Strives to create countywide awareness and appreciation of historic preservation and its benefits and uses. 

Publicity Committee -  Responsible for making sure CHC activities are well publicized, so citizens of the county are aware of the commission and its responsibilities to the field of preservation.

Research and Markers Committee - Responsible for all matters related to Official Texas Historical Markers.

Endangered Properties Committee - Keeps a watchful eye out for properties in the county that are threatened by neglect, deterioration, lack of maintenance, insufficient funds, vandalism, inappropriate development or other adverse effects.

Oral History Committee – Oversees endeavors in oral history projects.

Archives Committee – Oversees the management and preservation of documents pertaining to the Austin County Historical Commission.

Archeology Committee – Undertakes activities that promote the preservation of archeological resources.

Museum Committee – Serves as the liaison between the CC and the county historical museum, if such exists. This committee should also stay abreast of activities in all museums throughout the county.

Cemetery Committee – Involved in cemetery surveys, cemetery clean-up days (in conjunction with local cemetery associations) and other similar activities. It may also pursue Historic Texas Cemetery designation for the cemeteries in the county. 

Heritage Tourism Committee – Formulates strategy and develops the tools needed to spread the word about the county’s historic sites and attractions.

Certified Local Government – Not active locally at this time.