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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Official 2014-2015 Fiscal Year Budget of Austin County, Texas as approved and adopted will be on file beginning October 27, 2014 for public inspection at the following locations:
1.            Offices of the County Judge, County Auditor and County Clerk of Austin County, Texas, Austin County           Courthouse, One East Main Street, Bellville, Texas
2.            Bellville Public Library, 106 North Holland, Bellville, Texas 
3.            Gordon Memorial Library, 917 North Circle, Sealy, Texas 
4.            Knox Library, 6806 Railroad, Wallis, Texas
5.            West End Library, Corner of Highway 109 & North Main, Industry, Texas
6.            www.austincounty.com
The Public in invited to examine the budget during regular business hours.