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Forms for Documentation

It is vital to document and communicate information about the disaster situation and resource status. Efficient flow of information makes it possible for resources to be deployed effectively and for professional emergency services to be applied appropriately. Participants refer to the Forms for Documentation in the CERT Training: Participant Manual Unit 6: CERT Organization. Keep copies in your CERT Pack kit. (Click items in BLUEbold to download each form individually)

  • The Damage Assessment Survey is completed by CERT Leaders and provides a summary of overall hazards in selected areas. It is used for prioritizing and formulating action plans.
  • The Personnel Resources form is completed by Section Chiefs and is used for:
    Tracking personnel assigned to the group.
    Monitoring group accountability.
  • The Equipment Resources form is used by Logistics and Staging Area personnel to track resources loaned to CERT members.
  • The Incident Briefing form helps CERT Team Leaders record known information about the incident site, including hazards and actions taken.
  • The Message Form is used for sending messages between command levels and groups. (Stress the need for messages to be clear and concise.)
  • The Incident Status Record is used by the command post for keeping abreast of situation status. It contains essential information for tracking the overall situation.
  • Site maps and building plans are used for visually tracking response activities. Plastic overlays make it possible to update information on a continual basis.
  • The Victim Treatment Area Record is used to document each person brought into the treatment area, his or her general condition (D, I, or Dead), and his or her location.


Appendix 6-A CERT Forms (pdf) 
[Click here to view/download forms]